Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo Keyrings

I rarely carry pictures of my kids, but I always have my keys and cell phone. So I decided to make key rings with their pictures.

First, the resin mixed according to the directions and black resin dye is added. I then poured a thin layer into the resin mold.

I waited for the resin to become tacky to the touch (this took about 4 hours). Then I placed the picture on top of the black resin. While I was waiting for the resin to set, the pictures were prepared by coating them twice with Mod Podge. This seals them to keep the resin from seeping through.

Another batch of resin is mixed. This time it was left clear. This mixture is poured over the picture. This was left to harden for 24 hours. The resin covered picture is then sanded to remove any rough edges. Then a hole is drilled so a jump ring can be inserted. Finally it is dipped in clear resin and left to dry. Once it has dried completely, the jump ring is inserted and attached to a keyring.
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