Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What I've Learned So Far Using PhotoShop CS3

Here are a few things I have learned to do using PhotoShop CS3.

The first two are very simple.

  1. You open the photo of your choice. This will be your background.

  2. Then you press Ctrl + J. This will make a copy of the background creating a new layer.

  3. Press Shift + Ctrl + U to change the color of your copy to black & white.

  4. Now select your eraser tool and erase the color you want to show up.

The PhotoShop Makeover was a little complicated but I learned how to give myself a nose job, add make-up, and get rid of my double chin. (Yes I do look like a rodeo clown) This one was fun. I used the following web sites to learn how to do this ; ; and for the brushes I used.

The last picture I played with clip art (sheep & butterfly), shapes (clouds), and brushes ( grass).

I am so amazed at all the possibilities you have using this software.

If you use Google to search for free PhotoShop tutorials you will find an abundance of information.

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